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The American Express Platinum credit card is the product that offers benefits for you to enjoy the world even more! It offers advantages in hotels, airports, car rentals, special events and show tickets and others.

The American Express Platinum application is simple and very fast! You can choose between applying by site or phone.

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It is worth mentioning that the rates are highly attractive and that the documentation and requirements are as low as possible. It sounds very interesting, does not it?

Let us know more about the American Express Platinum ? Check below and do not miss this chance!

Rates – American Express Platinum credit card

The fees corresponding to the American Express Platinum are:

  • Maintenance fee: R 25,62
  • Starter fee: R 189,65
  • Card replacement fee: R 131,14
  • Secondary rate – R 25,62

The application – American Express Platinum credit card

The application for the American Express Platinum can be made online, through the website or by phone. You can choose the way that is most convenient!

What documents and requirements are needed?

When choosing a card it is of utmost importance to analyze what are the requirements and the documents required for the application. The American Express Platinum credit card has few requirements and the required documentation is as minimal as possible!

Necessary Documents

  • Proof of employment
  • Show that your job is stable. For this, it is enough to present the vouchers of the last three wages

Necessary Requirements

  • Be over 18 years old

Advantages – American Express Platinum

Advantages always deserve redoubled attention! Do not forget whenever you choose one card or another to see what the advantages offered by it, as this can make all the difference in your choice. Let’s take a look at what are the advantages offered by the American Express Platinum  card?

  • Medical coverage of R 450,000 in the purchase of tickets – It is a safe and recognized bank
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Each R5 spent you earn 1 point to redeem for rewards
  • You can pay the full balance or 10% per month, whichever is best for you
  • Easy Application.
  • Just some documentation and requirements
  • Global acceptance
  • Access 24/7

American Express – Some details about it

American Express is a financial services company in the United States that offers different types of products such as credit cards, travel insurance, mutual fund, insurance services, financial advisers and others.

It is considered one of the most prominent financial services companies, founded in 1850 and headquartered in New York.

Useful Information – American Express Platinum credit card


Telephone: 1-855-298-1209

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