24 important tips to heal your home:

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Examine your current life and see what you have created for yourself.

Your home is a symbolic representation of yourself.

You create a pattern by working on the intention.

1 – Air freshens up – Open doors and windows for at least two hours.

2 – Standing watch stagnates the energy. If for some reason you cannot undo the clock, put all hands at 12.

3 – Never use photos to plug holes in walls.

4 – Cleaning what is not useful creates space for new openings in life.

5 – Stuck doors, windows, and drawers hinder the lives of residents, they cannot get out of trouble.

6 – Mirrors should not be placed so that lying on the bed you can see yourself. If there are infiltrations in the walls, take care of the problem of the wall and also you, with regard to your spiritual side.

7 – Messy House is the same as a messy life.

8 – Change the burnt out lamps. Carpets cannot be slippery, as this is reflected in your personal life.

9 – Clogged pipes mean that inside the house someone’s energy is not flowing well, controlling person, who does not let life flow by itself.

10 – Phone that doesn’t work well, bad communication inside the house.
11 – Careless gate or entrance door, the physical appearance is the same.

12 – Plants have wind currents, but do not overdo it.

13 – Have pictures in your home and also in your office to create good energy. Always prefer paintings with spring or summer landscapes. Sad or lonely figures, especially in the bedroom, can be very upsetting or upsetting.

14 – Cheerful or beautiful landscape paintings bring great energies.
15 – Your table, armchair, and bed must have the largest possible field of view of the environment.

16 – Do not overload the environment with decorative exaggerations. In excess, they hinder the energy from circulating.

17 – In the bathroom, which is the place where we leave our impurities and which has still water energy, we must keep the door and lid closed, avoiding the invasion of harmful energies.

18 – Get rid of objects that bring to the present, sad memories of the past.

19 – Remove any object that prevents the door from opening fully.

20 – Cabinets must be clean and organized.

21 –The trash bin must be away from the stove.

22 – In your work, try not to sit with your back to doors and windows.

23 – Mess at the table is like disorganized ideas.

24 – Yellow walls help with reasoning.

The effects are felt as soon as the energy “cleaning” is completed.