Movies for those who are going through a period of self-knowledge

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Movies that I recommend for those who are going through a moment of self-knowledge.

I’ve seen them all and I think one is better than the other. They all provoke reflections on life and on (re) finding their way!

Liz had everything to be a happy and fulfilled woman, however, she is faced with a huge crisis, and that’s when she realizes that she has a big hole inside herself. To reconnect, she decides to drop everything and spend a year traveling through Italy, India, and Bali. This film is one of my favorites. In addition to being recorded in wonderful places, it gives me an enormous sense of inner peace. From time to time it is very good to watch films that portray things so similar to those we experience, but that we are often afraid to put out. Liz is a great example of courage and, above all, that sometimes we do need to leave the nest to restore ourselves and find our peace and our path.


Cheryl needs to start her life over. After her mother’s death, she completely lost her way, destroying her marriage and becoming addicted to drugs. In an attempt to find herself again, she decides to do a trail alone that includes the entire west coast of the United States, from the border with Mexico to Canada, known as the “Pacific Crest Trail”. Throughout the tour, we see flashes of Cheryl’s past and her reflections on her past decisions. I pay special attention to the end of the film, in which the character finally forgives herself for all her mistakes and reaches inspiring conclusions about life. Cheryl is also living proof that in some moments of life we ​​only need our own company to be reunited.

This is one of my favorites. Dear Amélie is an example of everything that is most pure and beautiful in the world! The apparently ordinary girl finds meaning in her life in the simplest things that exist. A completely charming film and that every time I watch it makes me reflect on the purpose of life is in the ability to see the extraordinary in the simplicity of life.

Midnight in Paris

Gil, an American writer, has the chance to go back in time and live in Paris in the 1920s. This experience makes him question the direction of his life, his choices, and understand what he really wants for himself. Knowing some of his greatest idols of the 1920s and women different from those he was used to are some of the things that make Gil start to face life in a different way. The chance to live in Paris in the 1920s makes him rediscover his essence, restore his priorities, and decide to chart a new path for himself.