What are the healthiest foods to eat on a daily basis?

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We love healthy food, and bringing you the healthiest foods to eat every day is delightful. If you’re following our posts, you might have already come across our healthy eating tips parts 1 and 2 and our little advice on how to start eating healthy food.

If you haven’t, take your time to read them later, as today you will learn more about the healthiest foods you can find – without spending too much, hopefully.

The healthiest foods you will want to add to your daily diet

When eating healthy food, you will probably face different things you are not used to eat. However, it is of utter importance to be open-minded and try to start eating better. It might not taste as good as a cheeseburger at first, but you will grow a taste into it, we promise.

Oatmeal is one of the healthiest foods out there (and it tastes great)

Oatmeal is great! While you may not be a fan of it, it’s important to know that this food helps to keep your cholesterol in check and prevents you from heaving heart diseases. Eating it during your breakfast will be great, as it provides you with fibers and will be enough until you get hungry again, which will probably just before lunch.

You can always add some fruit to it. Just try not to add any sugar, please.

Kiwi is green and good, just like most of the healthiest foods available

While Kiwi looks beautiful and tropical, it also contains more vitamin C than an orange (!) and it also has got as much potassium as a banana (!!!) making it the perfect replacement to people that don’t like oranges or bananas… Or to those who want to get more nutrients in a single shot.

You can always add some fruit to it. Just try not to add any sugar, please.

Pumpkin is not just for Halloween

Did you know that pumpkin is one of the healthiest foods out there? You should know that before carving a face on it (if you even celebrate Halloween in the American way).

It’s great for your blood pressure too, as it contains potassium (another contender for you, bananas). Oh, and it tastes great. You can make a soup out of it, purée, desserts (stay away from excess sugar!) and much more.

Chard is so healthy, it is off the chart!

Pun intended. Now, let’s get back to serious businesses: chard is great for your health, in fact, is one of the healthiest foods on this list. It provides fiber for your body, calcium, B vitamins and even beta-carotene. It’s a cocktail of benefits to make your health go up, up and away (got that Superman reference?).

healthiest foods

You’re not going to feel like lifting cars, but it definitely goes great with some exercise and other healthy habits. Remember, eating the healthiest food in the world will not prevent you from getting sick or fat. You must use a combination of healthy food, exercises and good life habits for that to happen.

Try to get a good night sleep, go out more and live your life to the fullest. You won’t regret it.