Healthy Eating Tips Part II – why sugar can be an enemy and eggs are good

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Do you know what is beatter than a second part of our Healthy Eating Tips guide? Our Healthy Eating Tips with reliable sources that endorse what we are about to tell you!

Now you might be thinking “why sugar”, right? Well, when sugar is consumed in excess, it becomes an invisible enemy that eventually makes you gain weight and that happens pretty fast.

It’s not as simple as sugar turning into fat. There’s more on that matter than meets the eye and our healthy eating tips will clarify that.

Healthy eating tips, the impact of sugar and why you’re always hungry

If you’re thinking about dessert already, just stop. Having an ice cream and eating some snacks once in a while is not bad, but you got to be careful there. The biggest problem with sugar is that it can be found nearly everywhere, and having too much of it starts chemical reactions in your body that may feel good at first, but that can be also dangerous to your health.

1 – Forget those sugary beverages

This is one of the biggest problems that come along with sugar consumption

. When you drink sugary drinks, your brain gets crazy. It doesn’t really understand how many calories you’re ingesting, as they work different from those that come from solid food.

While you drink that tasty soft drink, your body is obtaining more calories, that will eventually become fat.

Sweet! So you drink juice instead, right? Wrong. Some juices can be even worse than soft drinks.

How come?

Juices contain frutose, a type of sugar that makes you hungry. Really, really hungry. It’s a lot worse than glucose and when consumed in excess, ends up generating resistance to a hormone called Leptin. This hormone is responsible for telling you “hey, we’ve had enough of food, thank you”. When you don’t have it, you eat a lot more than you should.

2 – Healthy eating requires you to take care of that belly

If you feel like your belly is bigger than it should, it’s not a good sign. Your weight is not the only thing you should be looking at right now, as

belly fat is really dangerous.

Why? Because most of your organs are in that region and you’re growing fat around them. Looking at it this way is kind of scary, isn’t it? 

Growing too much belly fat can lead to metabolic disease, so be sure to have a balanced diet and healthy habits. Do some cardio, lift some weight, go for a walk. It won’t hurt and your body will thank you.

3 – Eggs are eggcelent

Yes, people do talk about how bad eggs can be for your health because of cholesterol. However,

studies show they don’t present any relation with heart diseases

. It also is delicious and is very nutritious.

Healthy eating tips are great, but you got to take care of yourself!

While reading tips on the internet can be quite helpful, you will only feel the effects of a healthier diet when you put what you’ve learned to use. So, don’t wait any longer. Start doing some exercise and living a better life.