Woman abandons everything and opens hospital for orphaned children in Kenya

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Love and dedication to others are the fundamental principles for the life of any successful and happy person, but some of us take these characteristics even more seriously.

These people make kindness and empathy their mission in life, and each day they help to change the world.

They are people all over the world and their difference to most of us is that they are willing to give up their luxury and comfort to work for a more equal world.

You have probably met someone or seen some news about one of these people, and felt comfort and joy in knowing that there is still goodness in the world.

Today we will tell the story of one of these people. Amy Hehe, a young American woman, impressed people all over the world by choosing a very particular path to her own life. Unlike most people his age, his dream was not to have a job that paid very well, a car or even live alone, but to help people in need, so he studied hard and dedicated himself to opening a medical center for terminally ill orphaned children in Kenya.

The desire to help these children developed as the young girl discovered the difficulties that the little ones face to survive in institutions that are almost always crowded and often not well equipped.

Time to roll up your sleeves!

Amy felt that she needed to do something to transform this reality and there she discovered her true mission. At 13, she dreamed of building a hospital to support children and, six years later, her dream came true: in the company of her husband Rob, she founded the non-profit Children’s Hospital OVI.

Amy graduated from the University of Kentucky Medical Assistance Program and left for Kenya, where she helps to treat patients struggling with malnutrition, malaria, injuries, cancer and HIV.

“Although this life is my dream and my passion, I will be the first to say that it is not easy,” said the young woman.

In Kenya, Amy does not have the best quality of life possible, but she has joy and a sense of accomplishment, because thanks to her, little Kenyans have someone who cares about them and their health. Despite the difficulties she faces every day, she receives the love and gratitude of all the children that helps to change her life.

This is an inspiring example. We all have a purpose in life, but we often choose to ignore it for a variety of reasons. If you are one of those people, don’t ignore your purpose, don’t give up, because you can help other people and, at the same time, find your happiness, just like Amy!