2 powerful laws of life!

Of all the great lessons we can learn from life, live with authenticity and love with freedom, for sure, are some of the most powerful!

In our life journey, we are constantly faced with situations that test our limits, make us question our certainties, and teach a lot about ourselves and about the best path we can take so that we can live in the best possible way.

Many of the most important knowledge about life we ​​gain with the years and experiences, as we grow a little with each of our mistakes and become better people for each truth that we learn to accept and adopt as part of our character.

The lessons we can learn from life are endless.

But there are two of them that are fundamental to anyone and will come to us at some point, for better or for worse: to live without pretending and to love without depending.

These lessons are fundamental because they are related to some of the main objectives of each of us: to have a good life and find love to share our journey.

It may seem very logical to us the concept that we must live with authenticity and love freely, but we often act in the opposite direction.

We can adopt behaviors that do not match our character to gain an advantage or gain the attention of a person that interests us or compromise our values ​​on behalf of someone else and let go of what matters most to us just to please people who don’t care about us.

In love, it is very common to carry our traumas into all relationships and exercise control over our partners to ensure that we will not be betrayed or abandoned again. We can also make our world of the other and deliver the key to our happiness in your hands, completely unlearning how to be happy alone.

We make these mistakes, many times, unconsciously, without knowing how harmful they are and how far away we are from all the good things we want to build.

We do not recognize that manipulation and the need for control are our enemies until we have our happiness frustrated because of them.

Only when we are forced to rebuild ourselves, without many of the things and people we once considered essential, can we understand the importance of living without pretending and loving without depending.

Each of us has our own time, but when those learnings arise, absorb them and do your best to put them into practice. They are powerful advice that will help you live better!