We don’t need to be pampering the pain. We can leave for new feelings!

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According to Brazilian writer Carlos Drummond de Andrade

“pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

We human beings tend to be victimized when something that displeases us occurs within our conception, within our understanding of what would be good for us. This understanding is very subjective because each one has a different view of what would be good or bad to happen in our lives.

But the point is, how do you react when events run away from what your mind imagined, idealized, or fantasized about?

You accept the situation as a sign from the universe that maybe that door wouldn’t take you to the destination of your heart or that it wasn’t the time to start that path, because before it would be necessary to go through other phases, to reach the “big boss” more fortified, more prepared and more whole or do you throw the videogame control on the wall and regret for days that you can’t pass the level?

At that moment I had a reverie and was transported to my childhood, on the days of winter holidays, when I spent all day playing Super Nintendo and leading Mário Bros through the innumerable phases of his enchanted world.

Anyway, daydreams aside, when something does not go as we expect, the most sensible thing is not to swim against the current, nor to blame ourselves and show the world how we are victims of the system, or how we are unloved by God or the universe. On the contrary, they are showing us signs, showing that we often have to just look inside and change the direction of our boat.

During those days I was thinking when we feel pain, either because of a job offer that didn’t work out, or because of the end of a relationship, or because of something that our mind insisted was the right way, even when our heart screamed: “ Don’t go that way, don’t go that way! “; we cannot help feeling it. The ego is sensitive, when we are disappointed it becomes a wounded child who dreamed of winning a beautiful doll and did not win, then he cries, screams, kicks, shows the world that his pain is the greatest in the world

And this reasoning brought me to the following analogy, when we get vaccinated, we feel pain the moment the liquid enters our skin, it is inevitable, but it soon passes.

But if we want to choose that way, we can spend all day complaining that our body is sore, that today we are unwell, and that no one can even tell us. Or we can feel the pain of the vaccine and when we leave the medical center we have already forgotten about the pain and will live the day, willingly and in the best possible way.

With our emotional pain we can also act this way, we have to live it, yes, we cannot hide it, because if we do it, it will come back later with more force, more frightening. But if we choose to live that feeling, welcoming it, without reliving it and then we say goodbye and open up so that new feelings can enter our hearts and thus we can experience the beautiful, the light, the truth, the life, we will discover that suffering not worth it.

May we always have the wisdom to know the time to say goodbye to the pain and let us remove at the right moment the veil that covers our eyes from seeing new paths, new flavors, new friends, new loves.
Good Life!