African Bank Gold Credit Card: how to order? Find out here

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Obtaining a credit card can be especially useful for those who wish or need to purchase something, but do not have that extra cash at hand. The African Bank Gold Credit Card is one of the most reliable options in South Africa, due to its rates, benefits and advantages.

If you don’t know what the African Bank Gold Credit Card has to offer, then this quick guide will shed some light on how to obtain your own card, what are its benefits, rates and the requirements you must meet in order to get one.

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About African Bank Gold Credit Card

This card is very easy to obtain and totally reliable too. You can apply for a card online and manage your purchases on the go, through your smartphone or any other device with an internet connection.

How to apply for African Bank Gold Credit Card

You can apply online by clicking

this link

. In order to obtain a Credit Card, you must present the most recent proof of income, proof of residence that is not older than 3 months, be 18 years or older and present the latest bank statement, reflecting 3 salary deposits.

Benefits and advantages of the African Bank Gold Credit Card

  • You will never need to carry cash in your pockets again. With a card issued instantly in a branch, you will be able to recover your buying power without needing to have cash.

  • You also get 60 days interest-free on POS purchases, if you settle your outstanding balance in full by the due date.

  • Having this card also allows you to receive free SMS updates on your purchases.

  • A Global Emergency Assistance, which allows you to block your account in case of theft or loss of your card. You will also receive a replacement card and get emergency cash, if necessary.

  • They also provide a Travel Assistance, which grants you access to a wide range of medical and legal advice during your travels. If something unexpected happens and your life is at risk, there also is a credit life insurance that goes up to R4 000 a day at any ATM and up to R5 000 per day at till points.

Credit Card


  • Interest rate (APR) from 15% to 27.75%;

  • Insurance rate from 5.04% to 5.4%.

Useful Information

0800 633 633

Fax 0864 944 107

[email protected]


As an easy-to-get and reliable option for your purchases, this Credit Card meets the general needs and requirements for the average buyer, that seeks to increase his buying power without having to rely on cash, which is not always available.

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