BA Credit Card: how to order? Find out here

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BA Credit Card: how to order? Find out here

What is BA Credit Card? What are the advantages of this Credit Card? Do you know what Avio is? Well, if you want to know everything about it, including how to order, its benefits, and rates, then this quick gide will come in handy!

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About BA Credit Card

It’s important to note that BA is an abbreviation of British Airways. It means that this Credit Card is brought to you by the company American Express Services Europe Limited. 

That being said, it’s pretty clear that the benefits of this credit card go beyond the regular ones, as it is managed by an airline company.

How to apply for BA Credit Card

It’s very easy to apply for a British Airways Credit Card. The main way it is accessing British Airways website.

Then, you just have to provide your personal information and some details about your life and they will perform a real quick credit check – quick as in less than a minute.

To apply for a BA Card you must be over 18 years old, have a current UK bank account, a permanent UK home address, no history of bad debt, and be aware of the information in their terms and conditions.

BA Credit Card benefits and advantages

The main benefits here go around the fact that there is no annual fee; you can collect Avios, points that allow you to participate in the Executive Club, where you can exchange those points for some rewards; and you can gain 5.000 bonus Avios as a welcome offer if you spend £1,000 in the first three months of a membership in the Credit Card. 

You get one Avios point by spending approximately £1. There’s also a possibility to add supplementary cards into your main card. Depending on some information, you can get a Global Assist ® while traveling abroad.

BA Credit Card rates

As we have already said, the credit card does not have an annual fee. And the rates are variable, generally around 22.9% for purchases. This number can vary due to several reasons, including changes in the basic rate and some individual circumstances. And it can happen when you request purchase or after that.

BA credit card phone number and address

If you need help with the application or have any questions, visit the website address or contact the expert team on 0800 032 7404.

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