DirectAxis Personal Loan – Apply for an online loan and get your money very quickly

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DirectAxis is a South African financial services provider that is part of the First Rand Group. It has been established for more than 23 years and is considered the largest non-bank personal lender of South Africa. It is also recognized as the largest and most successful direct marketing business in the country.

It offers a range of services such as personal loans, insurance (funeral, auto, construction, for example) and access to financial health. In addition, they aim to make all customers have a positive experience.

In this article we will know details about one of the products offered by them: DirectAxis Personal Loan.

DirectAxis Personal Loan

In DirectAxis Personal Loan, the maximum amount that you can borrow will be presented after the request and the analysis step of the financial and personal information that will be provided.

The personal loan must be repaid within 24 months (2 years) up to 72 months (6 years).

The reasons for the loan are varied; they can be expenses with marriage, debt consolidation, travel and others.

Rates – DirectAxis Personal Loan

DirectAxis Personal Loan interest rates can be as high as 27.5% per year. They are fixed and must be paid monthly, according to the pre-established date. There is also a monthly administrative fee of R 69 and an initiation fee.

Let’s look at a representative example. If you want to borrow R $ 50,000, with interest rate of 27.5% year, initial rate of R 207.50, monthly administrative fee of R 69 and repayment in 72 months (6 years). The total cost of the loan will be R 110,013.57.

Payments are monthly, on a pre-established date.

The application – DirectAxis Personal Loan

The application for DirectAxis Personal Loan is done quickly and securely through the website. You will need to fill out some forms with financial and personal information and the feedback is given quickly. Money can be in your account in less than 48 hours!

What is required for a DirectAxis Personal Loan application?

For DirectAxis Personal Loan application you need to fit some requirements and also present some documents.


– Good credit record

– Regular Monthly Income of at least R 5,000

– Details of the bank account in which the salary is paid

Necessary documents:

– A clear copy of your South African ID

– A recent document confirming your residential address

– Your last 3 months’ payslips or bank statements (with your salary clearly highlighted)

Benefits – DirectAxis Personal Loan

Let’s see the benefits that DirectAxis Personal Loan can offer for those who are looking for a personal loan.

– It’s safe

– Easy and simple application

– Competitive interest rates

– You can choose the value of the amount

– Money deposited directly into the bank account within 48 hours

– Just a few documentation and requirements

– They only release responsible loans (which you really can pay)

– DirectAxis Personal loans are unsecured

– Loans are protected by the Personal Protection Plan (in case of death, disability and others).

Useful Information – DirectAxis Personal Loan

DirectAxis Personal Loan


Telephone: 0861 02 03 04 | 8am – 20pm| Monday – Sunday