Old Mutual Personal Loan – Apply online for a loan up to R200 000

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Old Mutual Limited is an African financial services group that was founded in 1845. It offers a variety of financial solutions options for retail customers or corporate clients.

Services such as savings, personal loans, personal insurance, short-term insurance, funeral coverage, retirement plan, business insurance, institutional investments, employee welfare and disability benefits are some examples of what Old Mutual Limited offers.

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The company’s goal is to help customers thrive and achieve dreams and goals.

In this article, we will know more details about the Old Mutual Personal Loan.

Old Mutual Personal Loan

The Old Mutual Personal Loan is a specified amount, from R 500 up to maximum R 200,000, which is borrowed by a lender. The repayment of the loan must be made in up to 84 months (7 years).

It is important to say that the repayment is monthly and after the approval, the amount will be deposited into the account in just a few days.

The reasons for applying for an Old Mutual Personal Loan can be several: debt consolidation, wedding expenses, travel, home renovation, among others. 

Rates – Old Mutual Personal Loan

The interest rates charged by the Old Mutual Personal Loan can reach a maximum of 27.5% and an initiation and administrative fee is also charged. The amount of fees will depend on the credit score of the person and the information that will be analyzed during the application process.

Let’s give a representative example: if the person wants to borrow R 5,000 for three months, will pay in total R 5.915, 72.

The application – Old Mutual Personal Loan

The application for the Old Mutual Personal Loan can be done online (through the website), at the nearest branch or you can visit their website and request a call back.

If you choose to do it in a branch office, you can see the list of all branches of the bank on the website. 

What do you need to apply?– Old Mutual Personal Loan

To apply for the Old Mutual Personal Loan you must submit:

– a valid ID or passport

– 3 month´s bank statement

– The most recent payslip

– Proof of address

– 18 years old or older

Benefits – Old Mutual Personal Loan

The Old Mutual Personal Loan has some benefits that can be very interesting for anyone who is looking for a personal loan.

– It’s a highly secure bank.

– Competitive rates

– Flexible Terms

– Deposit Quickly

– You can choose how to apply: online, at one of the branches or by phone

– It’s a traditional bank

Do you still have doubts?- Old Mutual Personal Loan

If you still have doubts about Old Mutual Personal Loan, it is recommended that you visit their website. On the website, they provide an online calculator, so you can do tests to get a better idea of ​​how much the repayment amount would be according to the amount you want to borrow. 

Useful Information – Old Mutual Personal Loan

Old Mutual Personal Loan

Website: https://www.oldmutual.co.za/personal/loans

Telephone: 0800 50 60 70