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If you are looking for a personal loan that is safe and extremely fast, be sure to check out this article.

The Personal Loan Wonga is a loan in which new borrowers can borrow up to R 4,000 and the old up to R 8,000, which must be repaid within the period of up to 6 months.

The fees are convenient and the application is extremely fast, as they use a highly sophisticated decision and risk technology.

The requirements for Personal Loan Wonga are as minimum as possible and you will need to provide only some personal and bank information.

How about knowing a little more about Personal Loan Wonga?

Rates – Personal Loan Wonga

The fees corresponding to the Personal Loan Wonga are quite interesting and this can also be seen as a great advantage offered by this loan. Check out what they are!

– Interest rate – 0.1% per Day

– Initiation fee – 16,5% of first R 1000 lent + 10% of loan amount over R 1000 (+ VAT).

– Service fee R69 / month, pro-rated for the first period

The application – Personal Loan Wonga

The application for the Personal Loan Wonga is made through the website and takes no more than a few minutes. This is because sophisticated technology of risk and decision is used. Choose your loan and terms and apply now. Do not waste anymore time!

What documents and requirements are needed? – Personal Loan Wonga

For the application of the Personal Loan Wonga some documents and requirements are required. Be sure to take a look at what they are before choosing, but you can rest assured, in the Personal Loan Wonga the requirements are the minimum possible.

Requirements for Personal Loan Wonga:

•Phone number

• SA ID number

• Your bank account details

Most recent proof of income

Advantages – Personal Loan Wonga

As there are different types of loans and also many companies that offer, it is very important to check what the advantages of each option. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of the Personal Loan Wonga!

– Money quickly available

– It is safe and recognized

– Highly competitive rates

– Flexibility

– Transparency, no hidden charges

– Fixed Rate Payment

– Easy Application.

– Just some documentation and requirements

– new customers can borrow up to R 4,000 and old ones up to R 8,000.

Wonga – Some details about it

Wonga is a UK-based provider of financial services based in 2006, including South Africa, UK, Spain, Poland, among others.

The great difference of the Wonga is that they possess a sophisticated technology of risk and decision and, therefore, the approval process takes no more than a few minutes. There is no paperwork, no need to find the bank manager, you can rest easy.

Useful Information – Personal Loan Wonga

Personal Loan Wonga


Telephone: 0861-966-421

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