FNB Personal Loan – Up to R200 000 for planned or unplanned expenses

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FNB is the oldest bank in South Africa and offers personal, private, business, commercial and corporate banking services. It is a highly recognized bank that has humble origins. It has a commitment to the environment, such as paper and energy savings, and has won several awards in this area.

The company logo is an acacia tree, which, according to them, represents the company’s history with deep roots in South Africa.

Let´s take a closer look at the details of one of the services offered by them: FNB Personal Loan.

FNB Personal Loan

FNB Personal Loan can be requested for several reasons such as wedding expense, car purchase, home renovation and debt consolidation.

It is possible to borrow from R 1000 to R 200,000, which must be repaid in up to 60 months (5 years).

Rates – FNB Personal Loan

FNB Personal Loan fees are customized based on personal and financial information provided during the application.


Although the fees are not available prior to the application, it is important to remember that they will be generated according to your profile, which can be seen as a great benefit.

The application – FNB Personal Loan

You can apply to the FNB Personal Loan through the website or phone.

What are the requirements for an FNB Personal Loan?

To get a FNB Personal Loan you need to fit in some requirements. Let’s see what they are.

– Be between 18 years and 64 years

– Being a permanent resident of South Africa

– Being a permanently employed or self-employed

– Have the salary paid directly into the bank account

Required Documents – FNB Personal Loan

If you are considering applying to the FNB Personal Loan, it is important that you know what documents are required in the process.

– South African green-bar coded ID or Smart Card ID

– Your most recent payslip

– Proof of residence not older than 3 months

– 3 months bank statements for non-FNB customers

Benefits – FNB Personal Loan

The benefits of FNB Personal Loan can be quite significant for those who are looking for a personal loan and can be a differential over other possible loans. Let’s take a look.

– Safe and traditional institution

– Competitive and personalized rates

– Just some documentation required

– Few requirements

– Fixed Monthly Payments (No bad surprises)

– No need to provide guarantees

– There is no penalty if you prefer to settle the loan in advance.

– Coverage by a credit life insurance (in case of death, permanent or temporary incapacity, unemployment or inability to obtain an income). It’s applicable for loans of more than 6 months.

– It is possible to have a break in the month of January, if the loan is always up to date. (Valid for loans of 6 months or more)

Useful information – FNB Personal Loan

FNB Personal Loan

Website: https://www.directaxis.co.za/loans/personal-loan

Telephone: 0861 40 40 40 (mon-fri 8:00- 16.30 | weekend 8:30 – 12:00)

International: + 27 11 371 3711 (If you are dialing from outside South Africa, dial the number below first followed by the 087 number when prompted.)