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Lauren Road

Lauren Road is based in Connecticut, on the United States, and was established in 2006. It offers various financial services such as personal loans, student loans, mortgages and others.

The services offered can be for personal clients, companies or institutions. Since its foundation, Lauren Road has funded more than $ 3 billion in loans to federal and private schools.

The bank wants to be always more innovative in creating personalized and perfect experiences for each type of customer.

Transparencies, reliability and security are some of values found at the bank, which also has branches in Darien, Rowayton and Southport.

In this article, we will know more details about the personal loans offered by them.

Laurel Road Personal Loan

The Laurel Road Personal Loan can be requested for a variety of reasons, less education expenses. Payments must be made in 36 months (3 years), 48 months (4 years) or 60 months (5 years) and they are fixed and monthly. The maximum amount will depend of the loan´s reason.

– From U $ 1000 to U $ 35,000 for auto purchase, commercial projects, expenses with changes and others.

– From U $ 1,000 to U $ 45,000 for debt consolidation, major purchases and improvements to the residence.

– From $ 1000 to $ 80,000 if you are a doctor or dentist in practice or within 12 months of completing training with a sign contract to practice.

– If you are a dentist or doctor still in training and without contract, the maximum amount will be calculated on your training year as follows: PG1 $ 30,000, PG2 $ 35,000, PG3 $ 40,000 and PG4 or fellow $ 45,000.

Rates – Laurel Road Personal Loan

Interest rates are charged according to the period chosen for repayment. It is important to note that are no additional fees and if the automatic payment option is chosen a discount of 0.25% is added.

36 months (3 years) – 5,50% to 10,74%

48 months (4 years) – 6,00% to11,24%

60 months (5 years) – 6,50% to 11,74%

The application – Laurel Road Personal Loan

The application for the Laurel Road Personal Loan is done online and the process is very fast. You will need to fill out some forms with personal, employment and financial information.

Generally, the loan is released within 24 hours after application.

Eligibility – Laurel Road Personal Loan

To be eligible for the Laurel Road Personal Loan you must be over 18 years of age and be a US citizen or permanent resident with a valid I-551 resident (“must have a minimum of 10 years between” resident since “date and” card expires “date.

It is important to remember that credit history and financial profile are also differential to be accepted for this loan.

Advantages – Laurel Road Personal Loan

Let´s see what´s benefits they offer. This can make a lot of difference for people who are in search for a personal loan.

– It is a safe and recognized bank

– Competitive and lower rates

– Flexible Terms (from 36 to 60 months)

– Fixed Rate Payment

– Easy and 100% online Application.

-0,25% discount for payment in automatic debit

– Access to money in just 1 business day

Useful Information – Laurel Road Personal Loan

Laurel Road Personal Loan


Telephone: +1(855)245-0989

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