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Easy Cash has been operating in South Africa for more than 3 years and has already processed 4 billion rands in personal loans on that period.

They stand out in the organization of the financial services and in the benefits offered to the clients in the processes. It is a young company that already stands out. They offer excellence in service and innovation.

EasyCashLoans Personal Loans

EasyCashLoans Personal Loans can be requested for a variety of reasons, such as debt consolidation, financing a family event, buying a car, wedding expenses, children´s education and others.

The maximum amount of the loan is R 150 000, which must be repaid in a maximum of 72 months (6 years).

It is important to say that, sometimes, the personal loan may be necessary to have a better life or to take advantage of it in the best way.

Rates – EasyCashLoans Personal Loans

The fees for EasyCashLoans Personal Loans vary from person to person. Everything will depend on the personal and financial information provided during the application process.

The application – EasyCashLoans Personal Loans

The application for EasyCashLoans Personal Loans is made through the website. It is necessary to fill out a simple form and they will contact you.

It is a fast, safe and simple process. According to them the approval is almost instantaneous! 

Eligibility – EasyCashLoans Personal Loans               

To be eligible for an EasyCashLoans Personal Loans you must:  – Be 18 years or more –  Being a citizen of South Africa – Have a fixed monthly income (at least R1500 per month)-  Bank account in South Africa 

Factors that may prevent the application – EasyCashLoans Personal Loans

Some factors can disrupt the application and even cause the person to become disqualified for the process. Let´s see these factors.

–  You have filed for bankruptcy

–  You are under debt review

–  You have proclaimed that you are insolvent

– You are presently under a debt restructuring program

–  You are under administration

Benefits – EasyCashLoans Personal Loans

When a person will choose which company is ideal to apply for the personal loan it is worthwhile to check out the benefits of the company.               EasyCashLoans Personal Loans is a highly secure company with flexible and personalized interest rates and a simple and fast application. In addition, application forms are easy to fill out and do not require much information, requirements or paperwork.               It is also important to say that blacklisted client can apply and that approval is almost instantaneous. 

Are you still having doubts?– EasyCashLoans Personal Loans

If you still have questions about EasyCashLoans Personal Loans, it is recommended that you visit their blog and see some of the material that is available, such as “Choosing a Personal Loan Adviser”.               On the site there is also a part with reports of people who have already done EasyCashLoans Personal Loans and tell about the experience. 

Useful Information – EasyCashLoans Personal Loans

EasyCashLoans Personal Loans

Website: https://www.easycashloans.co.za/

To speak to them directly you need to fill out the form on the website, through the link https://www.easycashloans.co.za/contact-us.html.