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Personal Loan Standard Bank is a product for anyone who is looking for a personal loan that is safe and practical. The application is super simple and you can choose to visit one of the bank agencies or apply for the website.

Personal Loan Standard Bank rates also draw attention because they are tailored to the client’s risk profile.

At Personal Loan Standard Bank you can borrow up to R 300,000 and the repayment period is 12 to 72 months. Very interesting, is not it? It is worth mentioning that the requirements and the necessary documentation are the minimum possible.

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Rates – Personal Loan Standard Bank

Personal Loan Standard Bank can be considered a different product, since interest rates are personalized. Because of this, it will not be possible to tell you what the interest rate will be, since it is individual according to the risk profile. However, let’s look at a representative example.

Example: If you want to borrow R 1000, to pay in 12 months (1 year), you will pay R 174 monthly.

The application – Personal Loan Standard Bank

The application for the Personal Loan Standard Bank can be done online or at one of the bank’s branches. It is important to note that in both cases the interest rate is customized according to the customer profile. Choose the application form that is most convenient for you and do not waste any more time!

What documents and requirements are needed? – Personal Loan Standard Bank

To be eligible for the Personal Loan Standard Bank you must present the South African identification number, a proof of residence (minimum 3 months), the last 3 months of bank statement and have a minimum monthly income of R 3000. It is very simple, is not it?

Advantages – Personal Loan Standard Bank

Before opting for a personal loan, be sure to check out all the advantages that are offered by it. Check below the advantages of Personal Loan Standard Bank!

– It is a safe

– Highly competitive rates

– Flexible Terms (from 12 to 72 months)

– Fixed Rate Payment

– Easy and Fast Application.

– Just some documentation and requirements

– you get a custom interest rate

– there are rewards through the UCount Rewards program

Standard Bank – Some details about it

Standard Bank is one of the largest financial services groups in South Africa. It operates in 38 countries in total, of which 18 are located in Africa.

It is a highly recognized and traditional bank, which creates a lot of confidence. It offers some services and financial solutions such as personal loans, debit and credit cards, savings, investments and others.

Useful Information – Personal Loan Standard Bank

Personal Loan Standard Bank


Telephone: South Africa 0860 123 000 | International + 27 102 249 0423