Best Loans in South Africa in 2019 – Discover Now!

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Life is sometimes unpredictable and financial requirements can knock at your doors anytime. Sometimes emergencies happen when you are least prepared and that can be an emotionally harrowing experience. This article explores in-depth about availing the best personal loans in South Africa.

However, an efficient way to handle such a situation of a financial crisis is by opting for a personal loan. This allows you to tide over the tough times and pay it back later at your convenience.

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Taking a personal loan is thus a very popular way in which people across the globe tackle their monetary issues.

Best Loans in South Africa

Once you have made the decision to go for a personal loan, you must carefully choose whom to approach for the same.

There are a few things that you will have to keep in mind while taking the loan. The loan terms should be suitable for your needs and it is preferable to opt for the lowest interest rate available for the loan period that you are considering.

That way it will be financially easier to pay back the loan in time.

Secondly, it is very important that you take the loan from a verified source. In South Africa, the market for personal loans is filled with competition and there are numerous players who will promise a lot to their customers.

So, if you are getting personal loans in South Africa, you have to do your research in order to make an informed decision.

This article helps you with valuable information about the 4 best places to get personal loans in South Africa.

  1. Dialdirect

One of the most trusted loan companies, dialdirect issues personal loans ranging from R 1000 to R 250,000 to its customers at interest rates as low as 15%.

The loan approval process takes very little time and the customer can receive the amount in their bank accounts within 24 hours, provided all documents are in order.

They provide flexible loan repayment options ranging from 12 t0 60 months. And the best part? Their entire application process is not only fast but also paperless.

Visit their website ( or call 0861 877 772 to know more about the loan options available to you.

  1. Bayport Financial Services

Started in 2004, Bayport is one of South Africa’s biggest providers for non-bank, unsecured credit loans and other related services.

This company has a very easy online application process for personal loans of up to R 250,000. To be eligible for their personal loans, you will need to produce your last three months of bank statements in addition to the ID card, proof of residency and proof of earnings. Once, cleared, the process is fast and hassle-free.

Bayport also provides the benefit of choosing a flexible loan repayment schedule that suits your individual needs.

You can visit their website ( to know more about the personal loan process.

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  1. Standard Bank

The largest South African bank in terms of assets with a legacy that is 156 years old, Standard Bank is a reliable choice when it comes to loans of any kind. Their personal loan service is particularly curated to suit the needs of their individual customers. Here the application process can be done online at a discounted rate and you can choose to pay back your loan in a time period ranging anywhere from 12 to 72 months.

Additionally, Standard Bank also provides you with the option to choose from a flexible or a fixed-term loan, as per your requirements. Their maximum limit for a personal loan stands at R 300,000. To know more about Standard Bank’s offering on personal loans, you can visit their site (

  1. Old Mutual

Operating out of 14 countries globally, the Old Mutual Life Assurance Company is another trusted option when it comes to the question of personal loans.

At Old Mutual, you can apply for a loan in any of the following three ways- online, by requesting a call back from the company or by visiting a physical branch location.

They also provide options to consolidate your personal loan with any existing loans so that you can conveniently pay only one monthly installment.

The loan approval and disbursal processes are quick and trouble-free and you can avail any loan amount ranging from R 500 to R 200,000. You can checkout their website ( to gather more information about their personal loans.


An important point to keep in mind while looking for a personal loan is to be careful of any fraudulent calls and scammers. You would not want to fall into their traps at any cost. However, if you stick to the options mentioned here for personal loans in South Africa, then you will be in safe hands and have a good experience throughout the process.