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HSBC is considered one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world. They have a network covering more than 66 countries, with around 3,800 offices.

The company offers many types of products such as personal loans, savings, credit and debit cards, travel insurance, investments, investment management, lines of credit and others. The services can be for personal clients, institutions or companies.

They aim to be where growth is, always seeking to connect people and helping them to achieve their goals and ambitions. It is also worth mentioning that this is a bank listed on the London, Hong Kong, New York and Bermuda stock exchanges.

Let´s know more details about the personal loans offered by them?

HSBC Personal Loan

HSBC Personal Loan can be requested for a variety of reasons, such as buying a new car, renovating the house, expenses for special family events, travel abroad, vacations, saving money by consolidating or paying debts that have higher rates and others.

The maximum amount that can be borrowed will be indicated after the analysis of personal and financial information, but repayment of the loan must be made in the period of 12 months (1 year) to 60 months (5 years). You can choose if you prefer weekly, biweekly or monthly repayment.

It is important to note that all loans are subject to credit approval.

Rates – HSBC Personal Loan

At the HSBC Personal Loan rates are calculated according to the analysis of the borrower’s profile and can reach up to 25%. Although the interest rate is calculated in this way, it is possible through the website to access a personal loan calculator. Of course it is illustrative, but it can still be very useful.

If the borrower prefers, it is possible to choose by variable interest rates and in this case, it may benefit in periods when rates are low.

Representative example: If you want to borrow US $ 218,745.00, to be paid in 48 months and with an interest rate of 3.6%, you will pay US $ 4,900,000 monthly.

The application – HSBC Personal Loan

The application can be made through the phone, online or at the branch of the bank closest to you.

Eligibility – HSBC Personal Loan

To sign up for the HSBC Personal Loan you need to fit in some requirements. Next, let’s see what they are.

– Be 18 years old. (or 19 depending on the provincial of residence)

– Being a Canadian resident

– Be aware that you will need to provide personal details (name, address, age and others) and financial information (such as salary, gross annual income, and others).

– You need to be aware of the Credit Report

Advantages – HSBC Personal Loan

Some advantages of HSBC Personal Loan deserve to be highlighted:

– It is a safe and recognized bank

– Flexible Terms

– Fixed or Variable rates

– Easy Application.

– Just some documentation and requirements

Useful Information – HSBC Personal Loan

HSBC Personal Loan


Telephone: 1-877-840-4722