The most toxic places around the world you should avoid

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If you like random facts and want to avoid toxic places, this article is meant for you. It’s undeniable that humanity has been making great technological achievements over its relatively short existence. But the things that make our lives easier and more comfortable often leave a trail of destruction and toxicity, thus compromising the environment.

Because of that, many locations around the world have become really toxic, making life around them unsustainable, such as Chernobyl, Ukraine.

But that’s not all. Although there aren’t many cases like Chernobyl, there are lots of places around the world that are extremely toxic and present a huge risk for those who live there.

Pollutants of all kinds can be dangerous for life as a whole. Animals, plants and people are subject to contamination. So what are the places that you should avoid when traveling abroad?

The most toxic places around the world

Rondonia, Brazil

Let’s start with Brazil. Don’t get me wrong, Brazil is an amazing place that combines nature and modernity. But there are hidden dangers, such as Rondonia, a state that includes a part of the Amazon Rainforest.

You’re probably thinking “why is that bad?”… Well, Rondonia is the most deforested region of the Amazon Rainforest. This makes part of the state a really hot place, almost unbearable for those who aren’t used to high temperatures! The air isn’t good either, as most of the trees there have been slashed and burned down, all due to weak laws and illegal logging.

Linfen, China

Ok, this place looks like Silent Hill. Linfen is considered the most polluted city in the world and you can’t even see the sun sometimes. Breathing that air is probably a bad idea, since leaving your clothes out to air dry can even turn them black (which isn’t a problem if you’re into dirty black clothes).

All this pollution is due to industrial manufacturing and the absurd amount of vehicles. Do yourself a favor and don’t go there.

The Great Pacific Garage Patch

Great Garbage Patch

Ever heard of Gorillaz’ album “Plastic Beach”? That name fits The Great Pacific Garage very well! This place is a paradise for those who love plastic and always dreamed of visiting an island made of garbage – which sums the entire population of nowhere. 

Yamuna River, India

yamuna river

Try to picture a river that’s absolutely impossible to clean – that’s the Yamuna River. The local government made many attempts to clean it up, but it never lasts. The city of New Dehli dumps about 3,296 MLD of sewage EVERY DAY. No one can handle that much trash.

La Oroya, Peru

This is a great example of what huge corporations can do. Doe Run, a Noth American smelter is responsible for poisoning the ground and waters of La Oroya with lead, which contaminated almost all the children living in the vicinity of the city. There’s lead in their blood, which can cause serious health problems. 

See? There are plenty of terrible places to live/visit due to their toxicity and pollution. Even the space has got trails of our visits. Lots of thrash are floating around our planet right now.