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HSBC Mortgage is a product intended for people who are looking for financing to buy their own home.

The process is fast and secure! Pre approval is valid for 120 days. Interesting, is not it?

The requirements and documentation are quite simple and this will not be a problem. It is also important to say that throughout the process the person will be accompanied by a mortgage consultant, who will ensure that all doubts and questions are answered.

How about taking the first steps to buy your new home?

Start right now! In this article, we will give you more details about HSBC Mortgage!

Rates – HSBC Mortgage

The fees for the HSBC Mortgage can be either variable or fixed.

In case of fixed they correspond to 3.12% APR and variables 3.07% APR. It is important to mention that all mortgages are subject to standard credit approval.

The application – HSBC Mortgage

The application is simple! You can do it online, by phone or visit the agency nearest to you.

What documents and requirements are needed? – HSBC Mortgage

To HSBC Mortgage it´s necessary show some documents and requirements. You can rest assured that there are only a few!


– Be at least 18 or 19 years old, depending on your province of residence.

– Be a Canadian resident.


– Proof of employment

– Personal tax returns

– Bank account information

– Credit history

– Financial statements, if self employed

– Gift letters, if you are borrowing money from a relative


Advantages – HSBC Mortgage

The analysis of benefits must be on your list before choosing any product, as they will be the difference between choosing one or the other. HSBC Mortgage offers some relevant advantages; let’s take a look at what they are!

– A mortgage specialist will be with you at every step of the process

– It’s safe

– It’s trustable

– It is a highly recognized bank

– Competitive rates, which may be variable or fixed

– Pre approval is valid for 120 days

– Simple and quick application

– Few requirements and documents

HSBC – Some details about

HSBC is considered one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world. They have a network covering more than 66 countries, with around 3,800 offices.

The company offers many types of products such as personal loans, savings, credit and debit cards, travel insurance, investments, investment management, lines of credit and others. The services can be for personal clients, institutions or companies.

They aim to be where growth is, always seeking to connect people and helping them to achieve their goals and ambitions. It is also worth mentioning that this is a bank listed on the London, Hong Kong, New York and Bermuda stock exchanges.

Useful Information – HSBC Mortgage

HSBC Mortgage


Telephone: 1-888-310-4722