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RBC HomeProtector® Mortgage Insurance is a guarantee that your mortgage will be safe in case you and your family face difficult times, such as serious illness or disability.

This product can help you pay off or reduce the insured mortgage in the event of death by up to $ 750,000, pay your mortgage payments on a regular basis in case of disability, up to $ 3,000 per month in a 24-month period, personal insurance and pay or reduce the insured mortgage if a serious illness (covered up to $ 300,000) is diagnosed.

The application is fast and simple! You can even choose to receive the online budget in a secure and protected way. Moreover, the eligibility requirements are few, without much bureaucracy or headache.

Here’s a closer look at the details of RBC HomeProtector® Mortgage Insurance!

Rates – RBC HomeProtector® Mortgage Insurance

The amounts corresponding to RBC HomeProtector® Mortgage Insurance are not available on the site. To access them you need to contact the bank directly and request a quote according to the insurance you are looking for.

The application – RBC HomeProtector® Mortgage Insurance

You can choose to apply by phone, at one of the bank’s branches ou online, through the bank’s website. Choose the option that most suits on your profile!

What requirements are needed? – RBC HomeProtector® Mortgage Insurance

To apply for RBC HomeProtector® Mortgage Insurance you must be a Canadian resident (living in Canada for at least 6 months a year) and be between 18 and 66 years old.

In case of critical illness insurance, you must be under 56 years old.

Advantages – RBC HomeProtector® Mortgage Insurance

Advantages are always a differential! Let’s see what are offered by RBC HomeProtector® Mortgage Insurance!

– It is a safe and recognized bank

– You can customize your protection

– Just some documentation and requirements

– It is the guarantee that in case of disability, death or serious illness, your family will continue to make the mortgage payments.

RBC Royal Bank – Some details about it

Royal Bank of Canada, founded in 1864, is a multinational financial services and is considered the largest Canadian bank. To get a better idea, the bank has about 16 million customers and has an average of 81,000 employees.

They offer various personal or commercial financial services such as asset management, insurance, loans, investments, credit cards, mortgages and others.

It aims to be the most reliable and successful financial institutions in the world and for this happens they work with values ​​such as “customer first”, collaboration, responsibility, diversity, inclusion and integrity. It is an institution that seeks to help clients and communities thrive.

Useful Information – RBC HomeProtector® Mortgage Insurance

RBC HomeProtector® Mortgage Insurance

Website: https://www.rbcroyalbank.com/mortgages/home_protector_insurance.html

Telephone: 1-855-834-1782