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The nedbank credit cards is unique and the best for people that want to enjoy affordable services with zero transaction fees and access to funds anywhere around the world. You don’t want to run out of funds and have your life disrupted for being low on money.

The goal of the nedbank credit cards service is to sustain you at all times and remove limitations from your spending. It is also a great tool for managing your money flow to ensure that you are not missing on opportunities that could propel you to the next level.


Our nebank credit cards is a South African service that will help you pay at over 25 million stores around the world. It does not limit you to any specific merchant, which is a great advantage. The service considers the situation in which shoppers often find themselves when they need an item urgently but lack the cash to pay for it.

It opens up more opportunities for purchasing anything from more than 25 million stores. Whether you spot the item online or at a physical store, the nedbank credit card will help you get it.


The nedbank credit card is fantastic as it provides numerous advantages to you as the owner, including:

  • Zero transaction fees: You will shop for free and the only thing you pay is the price of the product or service that you are purchasing. It is a great advantage compared to incurring fees on other cards that charge for transfers to merchants.
  • 55 days of interest-free credit: Once you obtain the nedbank credit cards, you won’t have to pay any interest on the credit that we give you for the first 55 days. It means that you gain access to the cheapest source of funding for your various payments.
  • Automatic travel insurance: When you use the nedbank credit card to purchase travel tickets, you can be sure that your belongings and basics are insured. You will be safer and comfortable in your journey when you pay with the nedbank credit card.
  • Global Access to ATMs: If you ever need to use an ATM anywhere around the world, the nedbank credit card is an amazing option. You will be surprised that it works in most countries and saves you the hustle of driving far for ATM transactions.
  • Free transactional SMS: When you use the nedbank credit card, you will appreciate the transactional messages to your number as we help you track your usage for free. The unlimited access to these messages will be a great experience to also assure you that you are the only one using the card.
  • Credit Life Cover: The nedbank credit card service is considerate and gives you the opportunity to get credit life insurance. The credit life cover helps you avoid losing credit by ensuring that your usage and repayments are well-managed.

The Nedbank Affinity Program: Having the nedbank credit card also means that you qualify for the Nedbank Affinity Program that helps you contribute to society in any area that you prefer. You can contribute to the development of arts, sports, education, and more.


You can apply for the nedbank credit card if you have a Nedbank ID. It means that customers of Nedbank automatically qualify for this credit card. You can also register on the Nedbank website to get a Nedbank ID. You need to meet the following qualifications to apply for the card:

  • Be at least 18 years old or older
  • Be a South African resident
  • You should have annual earnings of at least R60, 000 or more for your Classic Credit Card, at least R100, 000 for a Gold Credit Card, a minimum of R350 000 for a Platinum Credit Card, or contact Nedbank to confirm your qualification.

Once you are sure that you meet the requirements, Nedbank will not limit your access to the nedbank credit card.

Paying In-Store with the Nedbank Credit Cards

When you use the nedbank credit card to pay at any physical store, you get many gains, including:

The convenience of using the Nedbank Money App: The app will serve as your best assistant and work for paying without the plastic card. It scans QR codes all over South Africa. You will enjoy the convenience of not needing to maintain cards or load them before making payments.

Security: The nedbank credit card is extremely secure and will help you use additional features to prevent fraud. The Nedbank Money App helps you confirm and authorize any transactions made using your card. The extra layers of security are foolproof and will give you more peace and surety.

Points: You will earn many points through Membership Rewards and Greenbacks when you use the nedbank credit card. The points help you to qualify for bigger opportunities and grow with Nedbank.


Before selecting to use any credit card service, please research the interest rates and how they will apply over time. Nedbanks rate is about 17.5% but this may vary. In South Africa, the maximum you can be charged for any card is 25%.

The credit facility fee for the nedbank credit card is capped at R45 as of September 2020, but it is important to always confirm the rates. You will also enjoy preferential debit interest rates, an automatic basic insurance cover of up to R3, 0000,

Information and Support

Nedbank provides you with 24-hour support while you’re using the nedbank credit cards. You can be sure that the customer support team will guide you on any areas of interest or concern.

You can also get support via the phone or online from the Nedbank website. The features are also integrated into the Nedbank Money app.


The nedbank credit card is a definite choice for people that want extended access to funds for zero transactional fees and numerous options for enhancing your shopping experience.

It provides great features, including an initial period of zero interest, insurance plans, robust security, convenience, rewards, and the opportunity to join Nedbanks Affinity Program.

The Nedbank Money app is also excellent to increase your convenience, security, and flexibility. The credit card is one of the best cards in the market.

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