Woman who lost her mother to Covid-19 adopts a street dog that comforted her!

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The dog felt Jaqueline’s pain and comforted her with hugs and licks. Thrilled by the gesture of love, the woman took him home and gave him a home!

Covid-19 has claimed many victims and left countless families incomplete, struggling to cope with the pain of loss, which often arrives too quickly and without warning.

Jaqueline Masceno, 37, is one of the people who had a loved one carried by the virus. On the last 15th, she lost her mother, with whom she had a great bond, just one day after being hospitalized in Teresina (Piauí-Brazil), where she lives.

The pain she faced was very great, especially as she did not have the opportunity to say goodbye to her mother, as she would have liked. Jaqueline is part of the risk group, so her presence was not allowed in the hospital.

Upon receiving the news of her mother’s death, she sat on the sidewalk of the hospital and began to cry, and it was at that moment that an unexpected company approached and, even without saying a word, comforted her in the best possible way.

A stray dog, who was always around, jumped into Jaqueline’s arms and licked her, as a show of affection and care.

The woman said that the dog’s gesture was true and that not even her dogs are used to treating her that way. She revealed that she felt truly touched by the animal’s gesture and felt her mother’s presence at the moment when everything happened.

Jaqueline said she believed it was a farewell from her mother, as she felt her presence in the embrace and in the “kisses” of the dog, as she was an animal lover and took care of many of them, even though she was in a wheelchair.

The scene was recorded by someone who was in the place and soon went viral on social networks, and this motivated her to adopt the little animal, which proved to be a great life companion.

Jaqueline asked the hospital to warn her if the puppy appeared again, and that happened a week later, at her mother’s seventh-day mass. She has sheltered him in her home ever since; his bitches got used to him very well.

Jaqueline said that the dog is fine and will remain by her side as a reminder of her mother.