How to pack your suitcase in 4 steps

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Are you going to travel and haven’t started organizing the things you are going to take? Check out some tips for packing your suitcase in 4 steps.

Your luggage is very important during your trip, and failure to pack can cause inconvenience and loss. If you are unsure of how to pack your suitcase for travel, consider the most important factors for doing this well.

There is a lot to consider, for example, the weather where you are going. Be sure to do this and this will give you a guide of what kind of clothing you need to bring to spend your days. You also need to consider how many days you will stay and what you will use in your travel routine besides clothing. Having done that, check out how to pack your bag in 4 steps.

1 – Leave everything separate and organized out of the bag

Do not immediately put anything you pick up from your wardrobe in your bag. This can make it easier for you to forget something, as well as hampering your luggage logistics.

Keep everything around the open suitcase, and once there’s nothing left, start organizing in a way that optimizes the space you have. This organization gives you a better sense of everything you are taking, and it lets you know if you are taking too much or too little.

2 – Separate what’s in your carry-on and checked baggage

Separating what you will carry in your carry-on and what you will carry in your checked baggage is very important. Carry-on luggage gives you a little extra space, but be aware of the airline’s size and weight regulations.

In your carry-on luggage there should always be a change of clothes and all your valuables such as money, camera, mobile phone and documents. This gives you security in case you have a lost luggage problem. Let everything bigger and heavier for checked baggage, but carry a coat with you if you are going to a cold place.

3 – Organize clothes to make more space in your bag

To increase the space in the bag, wrap the clothes so that they take up less space inside the bag.

Put the bulkier clothes, such as a coat, always above or below everything as a base. Fit the shoes where they fit best and do not take more than necessary. Choose a good pair of comfortable sneakers that can be useful for several days.

4 – Make a list

Before you even start organizing things, write a list of everything you can’t forget. Get clothes for each day and programs you will do, sunscreen, moisturizer, pairs of shoes, medicine, socks, pajamas, underwear and whatever else you may need. Check out this list as you get organized.

This is the safest way to pack your suitcase without forgetting anything behind.

Organize your bag carefully and have a great and safer trip.