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If you’re one of those people who love to plan on a trip, these packing tips can be very handy.

Packing seems simple at first, but it gets really tricky, especially when you’ve got a lot of things to take with you. A person can only carry so much without trouble, so why not make the best use of the space you’ve got available in your bags?

That said, we shall start!

These packing tips are all you need to travel safely with your belongings

1 – Roll your clothes right

First of all, you must learn how to make the most of your space by rolling your clothes. To do so, you mush lay tops facedown and fold in the sleeves. Then you can roll them from the bottom up. For your pants, get the legs together and roll from the waist down.

If you can, put your clothes in vacuum bags and squeeze the air out to save even more space.

Your clothes must be put in your bag or suitcase before anything else. It will save you a lot of space and trouble.

2 – Be reasonable when packing

Some people just want to take everything they can with them when traveling. So here goes another one of our packing tips: Don’t do that.

Travel Plans

Take only the essentials with you. Depending on how l

ong you plan on staying at your destination, there will be a few things that you must buy when you arrive there.

Pack your clothes, take a scarf for the time you’ll spend on the airplane (things can get pretty chilly up there) and put only your necessary belongings in your bags. Phone, charger and other important items must be placed in a suitcase you will be personally carrying. You don’t want to lose them in the airport, right?

3 – Take care of your electronics

This is a well known packing tip, but it’s always good to remind people that cables and clothes don’t get along so well.

It’s not wise to stuff cables, phones and chargers in the same bag that you put a lot of clothes. When you need your charger the most, you would have to unpack everything to look for it.

The best choice here is to use ziplock bags. Put all items related to your phone inside one of them. Planning on taking a portable video game console or any other electronics? Use ziplock bags!

4 – Books aren’t welcome

As much as we love books, we couldn’t end our Packing Tips guide without mentioning that you should keep them at home. 

The best alternative is to download your favorite book on your phone or e-reader. Books are heavy and carrying heavy bags everywhere can be very unpleasant.

These were our Packing Tips! We hope you use them well when traveling.

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