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HSBC Travel Insurance is a product offered by HSBC for people who are looking for peace of mind in their travels.

There are two types of insurance: the “HSBC Multi-Trip Annual Insurance” and the “HSBC Single Travel Insurance”. The first one is available for purchase within 120 days before the start of the trip and the second at any time before the start of the trip.

The biggest difference between them is that HSBC’s “Multi-Trip Annual Insurance” covers you and your family on all trips you make next year and “HSBC Single Travel Insurance” is available for just one specific trip.

Let´s know more details about HSBC Travel Insurance?

Rates – HSBC Travel Insurance

Fees for HSBC Travel Insurance are visible after completing travel information. You need to fill it with personal information and travel information.

The application – HSBC Travel Insurance

The application is simple and super fast! You can do it online, at one of the agencies or over the phone.

If you choose to do online, just fill in some information about your trip to receive the quote.

What documents and requirements are needed? – HSBC Travel Insurance

On the “HSBC Multi-Trip Annual Insurance” you must be Canadian residents aged 64 or under and on the “HSBC Single Travel Insurance” you must be a Canadian citizen of 60 years or less.

Advantages – HSBC Travel Insurance

The advantages of HSBC Travel Insurance are very interesting and will allow you to travel peacefully outside the province of Canada.

In both “HSBC’s Multi-Tri Annual Insurance program “ and “ HSBC’s Single Travel Insurance”, you and your family can travel without worry as they cover:

-World Medical Emergency

• Medical Assistance Services

• Emergency Trip

• Emergency Dental

• Expenses related to your death

• Trip interruption

• Loss of baggage, damage or delay

• Coverage for a person or a family

In addition, this is a highly recognized and secure bank.

HSBC – Some details about

HSBC is considered one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world. They have a network covering more than 66 countries, with around 3,800 offices.

The company offers many types of products such as personal loans, savings, credit and debit cards, travel insurance, investments, investment management, lines of credit and others. The services can be for personal clients, institutions or companies.

They aim to be where growth is, always seeking to connect people and helping them to achieve their goals and ambitions. It is also worth mentioning that this is a bank listed on the London, Hong Kong, New York and Bermuda stock exchanges.

Useful Information – HSBC Travel Insurance

HSBC Travel Insurance


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