The 3 best beaches in Brazil to know

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Want to find out what are the best beaches in Brazil to know? Check out the selection we made especially for you and start planning your trip.

Brazil is a country rich in natural beauty, and many of them are distributed on its beaches. There are many beautiful beaches to see around the states and cities and it is really hard to choose.

The best beaches in Brazil

Find out which are the three best beaches in Brazil to know and which one you will choose.

1 – Baía do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha (Sancho’s Beach or Sancho Bay)

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago located in Pernambuco, known for its beautiful beaches and paradisiacal landscapes.

Sancho Bay is one of the most desired beaches by Brazilian and foreign travelers. This hidden treasure in the middle of nature is accessed via a staircase that sits on the rock of a cliff. In the same place, you will find a wonderful view through a gazebo.

You can also choose to go to Sancho Bay by boat. It is a great beach for diving, coral reefs or simply to enjoy the warmth and clear blue waters.

2 – Praia do Farol, Arraial do Cabo (Farol Beach)

Located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Arraial do Cabo is one of the most beautiful places in Brazil to visit.

It is certainly a good choice for those who want to know the best beaches in Brazil, and even with more options, Farol Beach is the most special for sure.

The beach can only be reached by boat, and it takes about 40 minutes to get there. To land, you must obtain a permit from the Navy. This authorization is obtained in the city itself.

The beach is surrounded by dunes and is known as the best place for scuba divers because of its clear waters and abundant marine life. Dive in and see rays, sea turtles, lobsters, squids and even dolphins!

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There are many affordable accommodation options in the surrounding area. It is not expensive to spend a few days in paradise!

3 – Praia do Futuro, Fortaleza (Futuro Beach)

In Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, Praia do Futuro is one of the best Brazilian beaches to know. With a natural beauty to impress, the beach still has a lot of structure for travelers.

This beach is great for families as there are restaurants, pools, water park and everything you might need in the surrounding area. Praia do Futuro is very close to the area where most hotels are.

Besides enjoying the beauty of the beach, a visit to northeastern Brazil always involves much more than that. Enjoy the regional culture, the unforgettable food and the hospitality of the Brazilian people.