Amsterdam Tours & the 5 Best Restaurants in the City

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Are you ready to go to Amsterdam? Before you enjoy the Netherlands, check out this list we made with the best tours in Amsterdam and the best restaurants to eat.

Amsterdam Tours

The Canals

The most beautiful and iconic tourist spot in Amsterdam is completely free. The postcard of the city is its many canals with bicycles next to them.

Each little street is a attraction itself, and the canals make the city always beautiful and romantic, whatever the season. In every corner of the city you want to stop and take a picture!

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum is one of the most visited by tourists in Amsterdam. There are many temporary exhibitions, not only by Vincent van Gogh, but by other artists who worth checking out.

Anne Frank House

It is a must to do for anyone going to Amsterdam. Even though it’s a tense and sad program, it’s also a culturally enriching visit.

Visiting the museum, tourists get to know Anne Frank’s hideout during World War II. This is one of the most popular tours in Amsterdam.

The Red Light District

The Red Light District is a place where tourists from all over the world come together to enjoy freedom.

The place has bars, the famous coffeeshops, shops, restaurants, sex shops and also the traditional showcases with the girls and call boys. Walking around the region is an experience you cannot miss in Amsterdam.

Where to eat? Get to know the best restaurants in Amsterdam

De Kas

One part of the place is the restaurant itself and the other is used for growing vegetables, fruits and herbs. The menu changes according to the planting, and this makes the dishes always fresh, healthy and delicious.

The restaurant has meat and seafood dishes, but also many options for vegetarian guests. Go have a meal there!

Haesje Claes

Haesje Claes is one of Amsterdam’s best known restaurants and one of the most loved by those who enjoy Dutch cuisine. Experience all the best in a traditional country meal. Pea soup, meatballs, stews and more.


Moeders is perfect for a meal or just to stop and have a few drinks. The warm and pleasant atmosphere makes the dutch people and tourists choose to have dinner there.

As the restaurant is famous for preparing home cooked food, the “mother food”, visitors can leave as part of the restaurant decoration a photo of their own mother.


This is for you who wants to taste an authentic Neapolitan pizza in the Netherlands.

The restaurant owners have learned the recipes from the house directly from Italian chefs, so there is the best pizza you can have in Amsterdam.

Enjoy any taste of wood-fired pizza during your visit and discover one of Amsterdam’s best restaurants.

Guts & Glory

One of the most popular in the city and also one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam, Guts and Glory gets the attention and curiosity for the menu changing every 3 months.

There is always something new to try, even for those who have visited the restaurant before! Most orders become favorites and are highlighted in the menu! There you can have Italian, Japanese, French and more. Chek it out!

Visit the Netherlands, tour Amsterdam and discover the best restaurants in the city.