Typical Chilean foods to know during your trip

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Are you ready to go to Chile? Enjoy the best of chilean cuisine.

The cuisine of a country is part of the local culture. Tasting flavors, spices and aromas is a cultural experience that every traveler should have. Get to know the typical chilean food and be sure to try!

6 typical chilean foods you must try


Empanadas are very common in Chile, as well in neighbouring country Argentina. They are made with a baked dough and fillings of various flavors.

The most common flavor is meat, but in restaurants there are many, such as cheese, shrimp and more.

Congrio Rosa

This dish is prepared with a traditional chilean coast fish and is one of the most refreshing typical chilean foods you can taste.

The fish can be roasted or grilled, prepared with typical Chilean olive oil and vegetables. You can find Congrio Rosa in any coastal city of Chile or even in the capital, Santiago.


Curanto is a kind of chilean barbecue, but prepared in a different and special way. The meat is cooked with seafood, and everything is served with bread.

Curanto is prepared underground, under heated stones. It’s definitely worth a try!

Pastel de Choclo

Pastel de Choclo is prepared with lightly sweetened cornmeal stuffed with meat or chicken, plus eggs, olives and raisins.

It is a salty recipe with a sweet touch, popular in typical chilean foods, and a very peculiar flavor that you will only find in chilean cuisine.


The “asado” is a mix of beef, lamb, chicken and sausages prepared by parrillero, who spins and roasts these meats for hours while maintaining fire control to get the flavor right.

The board where the meats are prepared is called “asador”, made of wood or metal, and the taste is unbelievable. You cannot visit Chile without tasting a traditional asado!


Ceviche is a Peruvian recipe originally, but spread throughout Latin America, and has become very strong and present in chilean cuisine, among the typical foods of Chile.

Prepared with raw fish marinated in lemon juice, ceviche is a refreshing dish. It can be prepared with salmon, whitefish or shellfish.

In traditional chilean recipe ceviche takes onion, cilantro and peppers. Tasty and slightly spicy! Be sure to look for a hygienic place to try ceviche so you can eat fresh fish.

Get to know Chile’s flavor during your trip by tasting typical chilean foods!