Life Cover Standard Bank is for people who are looking for life insurance because they know that life is unpredictable, is not it?

The amount of coverage available to you will depend on some risk factors, but Standard Bank offers a fixed payment of up to R $ 10 million to the beneficiaries you choose.

The entire application can be made over the phone, without you having to worry. In the process of applying the Life Cover Standard Bank you save time and money, you can rest easy. If you prefer you can also leave your name and phone number on the website that they will contact as soon as possible.

As some benefits of Life Cover Standard Bank we can cite:

– Tax free payment up to R 10,000,000

– Free blood tests

– Unlimited beneficiaries

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Rates – Life Cover Standard Bank

The fees as well as the amount of coverage that will be made available to you will be based on several factors such as individual risk profile. How about doing a non-binding quote today based on your profile?

The application – Life Cover Standard Bank

The application is done quickly, transparently and securely. The whole process of applying Life Cover Standard Bank is done over the phone, which saves you time and money. Quite interesting, is not it?

What documents and requirements are needed? – Life Cover Standard Bank

The list of documents required for Life Cover Standard Bank will only be available at the time of application. If you want to receive more information before applying, leave your phone number and name on the website that they will contact as soon as possible.

Advantages – Life Cover Standard Bank

Life Cover Standard Bank is a product that deserves prominence and can be very interesting if you are thinking about taking out life insurance. Life Cover Standard Bank offers several advantages! Let’s see the list below which are they!

– Tax free payment of up to R 10,000,000

– It is a safe and recognized

– Highly competitive rates

– Flexible Terms

– Fixed Rate Payment

– Easy and very fast Application.

– Free blood tests

– saving time and money because the process is all done directly by phone

Standard Bank – Some details about it

Standard Bank is one of the largest financial services groups in South Africa. It operates in 38 countries in total, of which 18 are located in Africa.

It is a highly recognized and traditional bank, which creates a lot of confidence. It offers some services and financial solutions such as personal loans, debit and credit cards, savings, investments and others.

Useful Information – Life Cover Standard Bank

Life Cover Standard Bank


Telephone: South Africa 0860 123 000 | International + 27 102 249 0423