Travel Safety – What you should know before going on a trip

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Planning a trip is one of the best moments for those who want to be prepared for everything, and travel safety must be considered in every step of your journey.

From going to unknown places to traveling to where you’ve been once in a while, it is important to follow some guidelines to go wherever you want without facing too many risks, especially when you are starting to travel on your own or taking your family along.

Travel Safety is a must

And confidence can be an enemy. Just check the news, once in a while there’s a case of something bad happening to people that go traveling through places they don’t really know – and sometimes places they’re familiar with. That happens because we don’t always consider that something bad is going to hit us if we are not careful enough. Of course, you know the basics – not talking to random strangers, taking care of your money and belongings etc. But that’s not all!

We gathered a few tips that will make a difference to your next trip. Take a look!

1 – Show some love to research

Researching about your destination is your first step. Don’t even think about buying plane tickets without researching enough about the place you’re going to – especially Egypt, Middle-East locations and the African Continent as a whole. 


Travel Safety must be taken seriously.

There are many dangerous places around the world, but visiting countries that are known to have threats such as terrorists and wars can be really risky. There are safe zones for tourists, but you must know that before planning the rest of your travel or thinking about taking your family with you.

Understand the local culture, what you can and cannot do, what to take, the local currency and whatever else you can.

2 – Only take the essential stuff with you

Planning on a trip is great, but if you’re one of those people who would take their house if they could, let us stop you right there.

When traveling, no matter if by plane, by bus or by car, it is important to take only essential things, like your medicine, your phone and a few clothes with you. Don’t take too much, as it draws a lot of attention and can also make your bags really heavy.

Travel safety is also about not damaging your body by carrying heavy stuff.

3 – Be aware of your surroundings

All the time! Travel Safety is never enough. The unpredictable can’t always be avoided, but you got to be extra careful, even when you think you’re safe because there are cameras everywhere.

There will always be people waiting for you to stop paying attention to your belongings, looking for an opportunity to steal something, no matter what country or city you are visiting. Crime can never be underestimated.

Take care of your phone and your pockets, as they can be easily accesses by someone that may surprise you while you are waiting in the airport or walking on the street.

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